Two Portuguese Girls flying to Latvia

Two Portuguese Girls flying to Latvia

After we know we got assigned to work in Latvia, we started to shake just from imagining the cold that makes there. Then we wondered: Where exactly is Latvia?!

Well, Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of northern Europe, one of the three Baltic states. It is bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus as well as a maritime border to the west alongside Sweden (cool, huh?).

Here’s the you-need-to-know-stuff about Latvia:

  • Capital Riga;
  • Belongs to the European Union;
  • Official language Latvian (then Russian, then English);
  • Population 1.973.700 (which will be 702 soon!);
  • Calling code +371;
  • Currency Euro (since 2014);
  • Time Zone UTC +2 (and on the summer time +3);
  • Area 64.589 km² (which makes Latvia the 124th biggest country in the world – whaaaaaaat?!);
  • Religion Christianity (79%)

Here’s some cool intel we found about Latvia:

  1. Since we’re from Portugal, we’re not used to very low temperatures, so as you can imagine, finding out that weeks before our arrival it was -26ºC was a shocker. And we kept digging about the temperatures and here’s what we’ve found out: the highest temperature ever happened on August 4th, 2014 with 37.8ºC (100ºF) and the lowest temperature EVER happened on February 8th, 1956 with -43.2ºC (-46ºF).
  2. Hipsterism considered Riga to have the most hipster neighborhood in the world in 2014;
  3. 5th fastest speed in the world also belongs to Latvia between Hong Kong and the Netherlands;
  4. Latvian people do not accept money in their hands when paying – well, not all people – but they do have a special place to drop the money for the exchange;
  5. The modern jeans were invented by Jākobs Jufess, a Latvian-Jewish tailor, and American immigrant;
  6. The girls in Latvia are so pretty then it’s highly likely for you to walk aside a fashion model while in Latvia, why? Because they have the highest rates of fashion models per capita in the world.

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