One way ticket to Riga please!

Hello again!

  • Depart: Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Arrival: Riga, Latvia.

This is what should appear in out plane ticket, but sadly, or actually not, there’s no direct flights for Riga from Lisbon so, we decided to stop in France for a few days. More exactly in Paris, of course it had to be Paris. We were suppose to stay at a friend’s house and our plans were just to see Paris a little bit and to go to Disneyland. Yep, that’s right, two “adult” girls rather go to Disneyland than do whatever girls of our age do these days.

So 1st step – buy the ticket: along with assurance and bags, and more bags, and some more bags (girls being girls, but let’s be clear that our stay in Riga is six months, so…you get why the “more bags”), the whole ticket stayed around 320€.

The best places to search for nice prices?:

We bought the ticket and made the bags.

12628137_170375596670566_42823283_n(1)We were three days in Paris and guess what?? It was raining all the f****** time. So no Disneyland, no walks in the Versailles gardens, no Disneyland, no long walks along the Sena, no Disneyland, no drinkingcaffe on an esplanade and most important no Disneyland. NO DISNEYLAND.

To drown our sorrows, we decided to go for a drinking night. First stop: a Portuguese bar where we spend around 23€ for three martinis and two whisky-cola. Each payed a round….not me (the bar closed before my turn, yeah). After we went to a club, after 20 min looking for a parking spot, right when we were about to give up and go home, puuufff a spot right in front of the club. So we got in, choreographies were made, wigs were used, not a lot of drinks were drunk because the prices were ridiculously high – like a shot was 5€ so you can figure out the rest.

On the 14th of February we left Paris and it was the most forever alone day ever: we both got two different planes. Me, I did a scale in Hamburg, and I spent 7 hours on air, and Musa spent 3. And because the time couldn’t be more perfect….it was Valentines day…in Paris….the most r
omantic city in the world.
Musa’s plane was later than mine since she didn’t have to make a scale so, she spent her time watching movies (I did too).

So 8 hours later….Riga.
If you don’t have anyone to go pick you up to the airport, and since Uber don’t work here, use the BalticTaxi. They have a little green helpdesk and sell tickets to Riga. One of the first things we noticed was that Latvian people were really receptive to speak English.
We wanted to stay in the middle of Riga (around 12km from the airport) and it cost us 10€ each. We don’t know if there was something cheaper or not, but we just wanna to drop our bags and go for a drink.
We drop our bags at the Hostel, which we will talk about it later, and we hit the road. We found a place that sold food and had access to a bar. We got in and there was a security guy checking the IDs so it’s maybe a thing here. We were starving so we ask for two slices of pizza 1,50€ each and two Somersby, 2,40€ each. Later on the Bar a Forever Alone, just to end up the day like we started, super exited and happy.



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