Central Hostel Riga

Where to sleep?

Well, we decided to stay a week in a hostel, while we were searching for a house. We wanted something good and for a reasonable price. We search in various websites and finally chose the Hostelworld and to stay in Central Hostel Riga. It’s a cozy hostel, and everyone was really nice to us.

We made a reservation for two people, in a two bedroom room with a shared bathroom. We paid the total of 112€ both. To guarantee the reservation (it’s the fee they charge on the website) we paid 14€, and the other 98€ we paid when we made the check in. If you search on TripAdvisor you can see that it actually has a good evaluation. We didn’t spend much time in the hostel during the day, we actually never used the common rooms like the living rooms. But we did use the kitchen and was nicely equipped with almost everything.  Here is a photo of the borders you can see on the Kitchen. Everyone who passes and wants to put a message in it, is very welcome to do so. We’re still thinking on what to say or what to draw.

ps- we left a paper there with our hashtag but with the link to the previous blog, we decided a few days after to change to wordpress. Sorry guys hope you can find us anyway 🙂2


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