Searching for the perfect Crib

Staying in a Hostel for six months, it’s not happening. There’s no space at all for all our bags. So we definitely had to search for a crib to crash for six months. Of course we did our homework and a few weeks before we got here, we start looking for some houses. Here’s some of the places you can search online:

These are some of the few you can find on Facebook. But you can also search on Airbnb. Our second and third day was almost exclusive just to see some of the houses we found on the Facebook groups. We made three schedules and then on the second day we saw two of them.

3House number 1: 1st floor, 3 rooms: one bedroom, one bathroom and one kitchen/evening room. The evening room was quite big, had two couches, a big tv, a table for four but only two chairs and the kitchen was equipped with almost everything, it missed the microwave (I need a microwave to survive cuz I’m lazy when comes to food). The bedroom had two single beds and a lot of storage space. And the coolest part of the house was the bathroom, it was huge, with a lot of space and a huge tube. Even the mirror had a warmer system so it prevent to get tarnished. Cool, right?!. The neighborhood wasn’t really nice, but the police station was right in front of the house. Oh, and it had a little garden with tables outside.

House number 2: Well actually this one doesn’t count. Because the lady didn’t have houses to rent, she only had bedrooms. Which we were kinda ok to share a flat but we rather not. Anyway worst then that was that she hadn’t had any more bedrooms in the same house. But we still saw a few of them. Actually, some of them were really big. Anyway, did we already told you that they don’t use elevators?! We think that they are not big fans of them. I have no idea why, but living on the 4th or higher floor, it’s definitely not fun at all.

House number 3: A studio, a little beautiful studio in the center of Riga. Perfect location, right between our workplace and the nightlife. Near the supermarkets, the transports, the movies, the shopping center, etc. But it’s small, it’s a studio so it’s only one room and a bathroom. There aren’t that many spaces to put your clothes. Has two big windows with a nice garden in front, its really opened, high ceiling and cozy. But it’s on the 4th floor. And remember when I told you that they don’t have elevators…yep.

So after talking about it, we immediately decided to eliminate house 2, obviously we want to stay in the same house. So goodbye house 2. And then the dilemma. we made a pros and cons list and we end up like this:

House 1: In front of Police Office house

  • Distance to work: +/-13 min walk
  • Distance to nightlife: >25 min walk
  • Distance to supermarkets: >10 min walk
  • Size: Bigger
  • Floor: 1st
  • Transport: near by
  • Price: 550€

House 3:
Studio in the Center

  • Distance to work: +/-13 min walk
  • Distance to nightlife: >10 min walk
  • Distance to supermarkets: >5 min walk
  • Size: Smaller
  • Floor: 3th
  • Transport: buses stop right in front of the house
  • Price: 440€

So let’s say that with all this consider the key factor was the price and the (well for Musa was also the stairs, which she hates). After a long talk (well actually was more like 10 minutes) we chose ……drums please……House number 2, a beautiful studio in the center of Riga. The contract and the negotiation were made trough the person we talked throw the Facebook and show us the house, and the actual owner.

We paid 200€ of caution, we will see everything in the house with the owner on the first day. The furniture, the equipment, the lights, the internet, the electricity counter etc.


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