1 movie 3 languages (wait what?)




We are like Super-crazy-Marvel-fans, so there was no way we wouldn’t see the Deadpool in Latvia. Even if it was in the smallest little city in the end of the world, there would be no way we would miss this movie.
So here in Riga they have this big place called – Forum Cinemas “Kino Citadele” located at Janvāra iela 8.

Opened on October 31, 2001, Kino Citadele was the first multiplex film theater in Latvia and is still one of the largest and most contemporary film theaters in the Eastern Europe. Six floors of the film theater hold 14 auditoriums, two balconies, the bar Jameson Lounge, the café Casa Blanca, a popcorn stand, a candy shop and a box office.

  • Opening:

It’s open from 10:00 am and closes 15 minutes after the last show starts.

  • Prices:
Shows before 16:59 5,20 € 6,20 €
Shows after 17:00 5,90 € 6,90 €
All showtimes 6,80 € 7,80 €

(Click here for more info/ Facebook & Instagram)

  • About the language:

For audio they have three options: in English, in Latvian or in Russian. Not all movies are like this, for example: Deadpool was only available in English. Now the curious part (at least for us) is that they have the subtitles in two different languages. Look, this is not common in Portugal, back home we have the audio in the original language and the subtitles in Portuguese. But here, since a lot of people are from Russia and a good part of latvian people have a good knowledge of russian I guess they decided to put both of them in the subtitles. It was a bit weird because we’re used to looking at the subtitles even though our English is good, so for time to time, we caught ourselves looking at the subtitles and lose our concentration and then have no clue about what they said. But I think that de double language subtitle are not for all sessions.

Anyway, the chairs are super comfy and spacious, so you’ll have a great time watching the movie. If you have the chance you should try to go. Not only to taste some of the snacks they have on the bar, but also to pass through the experience of a 3 language movie. Another curious thing is that they translate the names of the actors in the posters too.


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