Indian Food in Riga

A few days ago while we were searching  for a house to rent, we pass one Indian restaurant and we decided “well since we didn’t have lunch yet, let’s see if they still serve now” (it was already 15 o’clock). We got in and we were the only ones in the restaurant. They brought us the menu, it didn’t have images, but they had the descriptions also in English. The name is the restaurant is Taj Mahal Empire, and it’s located on the Aleksandra Caka 47.

Let me just say….it was heeeeeeaven. We asked a bunch of things that I wish I remembered the name of all. But here are a few of them: Cheese Naan (bread stuffed with cheese, freshly baked in a clay oven); Indian soup with chicken (made with coconut milk, garlic, ginger, cardamom and other spices); Veg platter (Paneer pakoras, mushroom pakora, Gabi pakora and onion bhaji & mixed veg pakora); veg samosa (spiced mixed vegetables wrapped in a thin crispy pastry and deep fried).

To go along with it, we take the black Indian tea, which was really good. On our second time we asked a traditional drink from Latvia the Balsam. The waitress brought us a cup of shot with full so we could try and let me say it’s tasty. We end up drinking it in a big cup mixed with grape juice. Overall, the restaurant is really good and the quality of the food is really good also. The price is relatively normal for a restaurant like this. We spend each 15€ both times, but as you can see we asked a lot of things each time.

You can check their Facebook page in here. You can read some review and take your conclusions, but let me just say that it’s an amazing place and we are definitely going back there.


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