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Public Transports, a headache for everyone, everywhere, especially at rush hour. In Riga they have the following types of public transports: buses, trolley-buses, mini-buses, trams, trains. Here are some tips about them:

  • Tickets & Prices:

Purchased in advance: vending machine, press kiosk, Narvesen shop, ticket office, or other location listed on the Rigas Satiksme website – 1,15€ trips with a re-loadable e-talon card; On Board: buy directly from the driver – 2,00€ (cash only, exact change preferred).

Number of trips:
One trip – EUR 1.15
Two trips – EUR 2.3
Five trips – EUR 5.75
Ten trips – EUR 10.9

A ticket for one trip is also meant for one boarding – if you have to board another transport to reach your destination, you need to register a new ticket.

Time ticket:
24 hours – EUR 5
Three days – EUR 10
Five days – EUR 15

These tickets can be used for an unlimited number of trips. The countdown starts once the ticket is registered for the first time – or on the first trip.

Group ticket:
Two trips for two persons – EUR 4.6
Two trips for three persons – EUR 6.9

Persons with disabilities may ride Riga public transport free of charge, but they have to receive a free ticket from the driver. Passengers may transport bicycles, hand luggage, and pets free of charge, provided that they are transported as hand luggage.
The cards all are activated by using the yellow device in the vehicles. Note that you must activate all cards every time that you enter a vehicle. The Riga Card allows the holder to travel free on public transportation.
– See more at: Latvia Travel

  • Bus

Routes: map

  •  Trolleybus

Routes: map

  • Tram

Routes: map 

  • Train

Routes: map






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