Eat, drink and eat again

We definitely have a big problem with Indian food. The first day we arrived, we were looking for a place to eat, we were so tired and so cold that we weren’t even picky, we just needed some food. Do you know when in the movies someone is lost in the desert and suddenly see a huge lake fill with water and there’s this song like you just enter into heaven?! yap it was pretty much it when Musa saw the magical world “Indian Food”. Without no second thoughts we went to the Indian Restaurant Maharaja. It was really nice all the decoration and the food. There was a person waiting at the door for us, and escort us to our seat on the second floor. Check it out:


This time we decided to try something new, so we went to Troika, which is funny since Troika means the tripartite committee led by the European Commission with the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, that organised loans to the governments of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Cyprus. Which is why Portuguese people have no money. Anyway, we went there and they lead us to the basement where the restaurant was. They took our coats and sit us at our table. There were these 3 girls performing a tradition dance from Russia. We decided to eat dumplings, since Musa is vegetarian, she ate the dumplings with cheese, and I decided to try the meat one, which was 3 different meats mixed. Let’s just say that it tasted way better that I expected. We paid: 11€ each, with drinks included.




I was craving, I wanted a Crepe at all costs, so we found this place at the center called “Korralik Hamburguer” and asked for two crepes. Musa wanted a crepe with chocolate and banana, and I wanted one just with chocolate. Don’t ask me how but we ended up with one with chocolate and one with ice cream. We paid like 6€ each, and they didn’t taste like heaven, so it was not really worth it.

Pierre Chocolaterie

If has chocolate in it then must be worth a try. Check the place in TripAdvisor and see why it’s the number one place to go when it comes to desserts. We went there twice, we tried the hot chocolate (the simple one and the one with orange) and again we heard that song from angles singing. It’s a bit expensive, the hot chocolates go around 4€ to 7,5€ and the little pieces of chocolate from 1,80€ to 2,50€. But we do recommend to at least try to go there once. It’s such a beautiful and cozy place that it’s worth the time.




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