Tallinn here we go …

Being in Riga is nice, and since it was an amazing location in the Baltic’s we decided to go visit another city. We did even go far from that, we decided to visit another city…in another country. So, we made some research and end up liking Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. And how did we travel? By bus.
We did some research and found this website which for this winter season was the cheaper: Eurolines. You do have other companies like Ecolines and Lux Express, but they are only cheaper during the summer.

 We paid 9,60€ each (already including a student discount – without it was around 10,20€) but they have different prices according different schedules, so it’s a case of luck. Our departure time was at 11:30 am and the arrival at 16:30 pm.

But let’s go back a few hours…
The night before we had to pack everything for the weekend and leave everything ready for the next morning. Everything fine so far, until we decided to go for a drink. We chose a bar called “Cinema bar“, it’s close to our apartment so it was perfect. We bought two 0,5cl beers (Lacplesis) for 2€ each. And the honest reason why we went there was because the 8€ 10 shots, so after the beers we got the shots….and it sucked. Was like drinking juice in shot cups. After that we decided to drink two more beers, and we were 8 cents short, but we decided to try anyway because for 8 cents maybe they would still sell us the beer…cmon just for 8 cents short you would still profit. Guess what? They didn’t. So we bought another two shots, strong ones, and left.
Since we didn’t want to go home yet, we went to the rock cafe and did some karaoke. We sang the classics, “Ain’t no other man” “Hit me baby one more time” and “Milkshake”, and drunk one beer.

The morning after I (Mónica) realized that my charger was broken and my phone died. How that happen? I have no idea. But with no phone, no tickets. We left home, went to the Riga Shopping Center, looked for a charger and an ATM machine. I end up buying a 12€ cable charger and Musa end up with her card being swallowed by the ATM machine.
Then we looked for a place to print the tickets, lucky us they do that at the Shopping Center in a place where you can buy tickets and get information about Riga. I asked to charge my phone a little bit so I could print the tickets. Unlucky us it was 1€ for each 2 sheets, which means 2€ for the 4 sheets.

So at this point, with no card and no spare money, we only had 0,60 cents on our pockets until Tallinn. We rush to the Bus station “Autoosta” because we were running out of time. The bus was 30 minutes late, and we were not even sure that we were at the right place, because no one was able to help us. Not even the people that work there, they were like “oh go ask at some other desk”. Anyway, the bus arrived, it was super comfortable and had WiFi (they even had movies on their webpage witch we decided to see the “Playing for keeps“). The bus had a WC and a plug where we could charge our phones, which for me was almost a life saver. Four hours later we arrived in Tallinn, and catch a Taxi to our Hostel with a total of 10€.

Old Town Munkenhof, this was our hostel in Tallinn, for three nights we paid a total of 52€. But let’s said that we chose a twin room with a shared bathroom. So if you have the spirit for a dorm it will be way cheaper. We made the reservation through Hostelworld, so we only pay it when we arrived. It was really clean and nice, so the quality/price here was worth it.


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