The beautiful Tallin

We decided to take some photos to show you guys how beautiful is Tallinn, and how it looks like straight out of a fairy tail. It was cold, yes, a lot, but we decided to still go out even snowing like hell, and make the best of it. There’s a lot of churches and some great spots where the view is just awesome.

1- Here is a place we went and it’s called the “Townwall Tower and Walkaway Café“it’s located at Lühike jalg. It’s a breakthrough from Toompea to Danish King’s Garden, and they now have these statues of “Dementors”, at least that’s what we called them since they remind us of Harry Potter movies. We went to the coffee upstairs, and be careful the stair are not very easy to climb so don’t wear hills that day, the tea was extremely expensive, it was 4€ and they didn’t have much to offer, but the view was amazing.



2- In the in Freedom Square they have  a big cross since 2009 and it’s called the War of Independence Victory Column. It was built as a memorial for those who fell during the Estonian War of Independence, through which the people of Estonia will be able to commemorate all those who had fought for freedom and independence. The pillar is 23.5m high and consists of 143 glass plates. The memorial incorporates the Cross of Liberty, Estonia’s most distinguished award established in 1919.


3- If you go up after visit the Freedom square, you will give to a beatificar garden where we build a snowman. We call it Olavo and took some photos with him. Next we went straight and found our self near a beautiful Cathedral the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Actually the Townwall is right next to this.

Well guys if you still not convinced than I don’t know, but here is some more detail about Tallinn. We love it and I’m certain you will too 🙂

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