Chocolate Overdose

Apparently this is a thing in Riga, chocolatiers. We found two so far, and we decided to go and check them out, you know for you guys in case you come here some day, not because we insanely love chocolate. You have the “Emils Gustavs Chocolate” and the “Black Magic“, one in the corner of Aspazijas Bulvaris 24 and the other one on the Kaļķu iela 10.

The first one we went was the “Emils Gustavs Chocolate” and we try a hot chocolate some truffles and a piece of cake. Everything was great, so much chocolate omg!! For every 100gr of truffles you pay 4€, I tried 3 and I paid 1,40€. The hot chocolate it was around 2,5€ and the piece of cake 3,8€.


The second one we went was the “Black Magic” and let me tell you this one wins on decoration. It’s beautiful inside, very cozy, very comfortable and everything looks clean and nice. The chocolate, oh well just another overdose. So many flavors and things you think that don’t go with chocolate…well, we learned after these chocolatiers that everything goes well with chocolate. For this hot chocolate they bring you the hot milk with the chocolate besides and then you have to put it in the milk and stir. They have especial truffles for each zodiac sign, mine was the Gemini, it’s white chocolate with orange in the middle (second pic), each its 1€, then they have some other ones for different prices. The hot chocolate? 4€.


Lets just say we’re on a diet for the next few days…




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