Saturday Market

1111In Riga from February 27th to June 25th there’s a free fair at Kalnciems District. Every Saturday, Latvian farmers offer local goods at the Kalnciems Quarter Fair, and craftsmen come to sell unique pieces of handiwork. Children are invited to participate in creative workshops, free of charge, and to ride a colorful merry-go-round. The theme of the fair changes to reflect seasonal festivals, during which there also are concerts, exhibitions, open-air plays, and other activities taking place at the fair. There’s diverse local handcraft and jewelry also on sale, among them, design objects, glass items, etc. Almost every tent has little pieces of the farmers are selling so you can try. There are also some people selling full meals and snacks. We ate a grilled corn on a cob and drunk a piece of heaven, are you wonder whats a piece of heaven?! Have you read our post about Olde Hansa in Tallinn? Well, if you didn’t, you should have. Because it tasted exactly like the Apple dessert of Olde Hansa, so yes it tasted like heaven.

To go there you have to take a bus, we paid 2,30€ each for a two way ticket bought at Naversen. We catch a bus on the 13 Janvara iela, you can take the 22, the 32 or the 43 to the Melnsila iela. It’s around 10/15 minutes, don’t worry because almost all buses display the name of the next stop on a screen. If they don’t, before catch the bus, count the number of stops until the Melnsila iela.

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