Being a vegetarian in Riga

Here’s the thing Musa is vegetarian so we had to go and try this place. It’s Raw Garden and it’s on the Skolas iela 12. The place sells a lot of biologic products and everything it’s biological and mega-ultra-healthy.

We went there and we looked obviously foreigners because we were looking at the menu that was written on the wall, in Latvian, with our eyes semi-closed like somehow we would decide what the hell was written there. After giving up on the decoding request level 967 we asked the waitress what was the offer of the day (2 different kinds of soup and 2 different dishes). She told us and after finished 1 min later we already forgot so we decided each of us would choose one with roasted courgette with quinoa and sweet potato puree. And me, I chose the fresh avocado and green apple soup and my dish was beet, tomato and some sauces I can’t even remember. To drink, we chose the watermelon juice. We paid each 8€, was it worth it? Well, it was expensive, yes, but we’ll still probably going back there just for a soup. Here’re some photos:


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