Donut Wonderland

I guess that just by the name you already have a pretty good idea what I’ll talk about. This place is called “Crazy Donut” and its number #7 (of seventeen) on TripAdvisor in the list of Desserts in Riga. You can also check their Facebook page here. The place it’s on the Krišjāņa Barona iela 28.

They have so many flavors that it’s really hard to choose just one or two. So if you come here prepare yourself to try a few ones. They have  a lot of drinks, but that day I was disappointed they didn’t have almost any flavors and they only had like two choices.
Now about the donuts, the actual donut, it’s not fluffy or very big, if you try the simple one it doesn’t even taste like a donut (at least not the one that I usually eat) but the topping, that’s where all the taste is. Check out the one we tried (this time ihih):

The brown one it’s dark chocolate, the pink one is strawberry mojito, the blue one is ice cream and the dark pink (that looks orange in the photo) is from strawberry. We also tried two smoothies, one from peach and one from kiwi (I loved the kiwi one).
So if you ever pass near by try this place, it’s only 0,60 cents a donut 😛


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