Riga Second Hand Clothes

Economic Class

I’ve never been to a shop like this, I always wanted though. Me and Musa decided to try this one day after work. We got in and looked for some clothes, but nothing was in English, so we weren’t sure about the prices. Then we try to ask the lady who worked there and she didn’t know English, but when I asked “Price” she did an “Ahhh” and took the dress I had in my and put it on a scale (a balance) and point to the price. It was 4€ but I still decided to leave the dress there.

We both end up choosing two tops and we both thought “oh well, it’s probably 2€ each”… it was 0,90 cents each… It’s a nice store, of course, it’s a matter of luck finding something really nice or something you really love, these stores often have really old fashion clothes, shoes and bags. And depending on the day you can bring 1kg of clothes for 10€, the cheapest day it’s on Tuesdays. You can also try the Humanas, it’s the same concept 🙂




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