Crepes and Cat Lovers

Personally, I love crepes and I think Musa does too, because who the hell doesn’t?! We have been trying a few. And we find two really nice places here in Riga so far. One in the Minkas café (TripAdvisor), which is one of the most cooler coffee places ever here! And why is that? Well, because you can pet cats in it. They have around 5 cats in the coffee and they are all very friendly. Minkas café has this awesome concept, you go in clean your shoes in a special carpet and wash your hands with a special soap. After you go in and tchaanaaa cats, cats everywhere. It’s very cozy and you just sit while the cats go around you.
This place is in the new side of Riga, so you have to take a bus (number 22) or the tram (number 5)  and leave at the Nomentnu iela and walk in that street for 2 minutes. The place is right in front of a really beautiful church that I think was painted recently with a pink color which makes it look very pretty.

Of course we couldn’t miss the opportunity to eat crepes, so we both ordered one with chocolate ice cream and one with strawberry. If you want the simple one you can have it too, actually, we asked to put ice cream on it, the simple one comes with orange syrup.
Here’s some photos we took 🙂

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Minkas Café was Musa favorite crepe, but now my favorite crepe: Golden Café, there are a few of them all over the city. We went there just for coffee but we couldn’t resist to try the crepes. Musa asked for a banana/chocolate crepe and I asked for an apple with cinnamon/vanilla crepe. Mine was just heaven, I think apple is gonna be my thing for now on since Tallinn’s dessert.


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