Welcome to Vilnius

The only capital from the Baltics missing in our list was the capital of Lithuania, so we decided today the day off Friday and enjoy a longer weekend in Vilnius.
Once again we went by bus and this time, we purchase our tickets for 21,20€ (go and back + -25% discount). We catch the 02:10 o’clock bus and it took us around 4 hours to arrive in Vilnius, so at 6:30 we arrived. We went for breakfast at MC Donald’s and to the tourist information post so we could grab a map. The one from the central train station is not really good, the one in the Town Hall is way better and has a lot of different maps.
We stayed at the Sodu Hostel, we got five beds in a dorm (we went with some friends this time) and they had free breakfast and a happy hour. What’s the happy hour? The happy hour was in a separate kitchen and living room where they give free food and wine from 20h to 21h. We paid a total of 15,40€ each for two nights.

Vilnius is definitely our favorite capital of the Baltics but shiiiu it’s a secret.


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