Cat Wonderland

Ps- you may get with a terrible desire of petting a cat or buy a ticket to Vilnius after this post!

Remember the cat cafe we went to Riga? if not, go check that post first.
This Cat Café is absolutely amazing, I can’t even explain, but is without a doubt a Cat wonderland. It’s located at the J. Jasinskio G. 1, Vilnius, it’s quite far from the old town (20 min walk), it’s closed to the genocide museum. It’s called Cat Café, and it’s opened every day.

The first thing you have to do is to put a plastic sock on your shoes and then wash your hands. After that, a waitress takes you to your table. You can pet all the time if you’re lucky, and a cat likes you, he’ll be on your lap or next to you at the table. They freely walk through all cafe and they are very adorable and nice.

They have a fridge with Instagram photos, you can go there take a photo of anything and if it’s selected they printed to put in the fridge and next time you go there you can get your photo for free. They also have a lot of little cute souvenir you can buy. The true is after you live the place you will get sad because you want to live in that coffee forever, to forever pet cats.

Take a look 😉

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