Food in Vilnius…from different countries

Eating is our favorite thing to do, let’s agree with that right away. So we decided to try a few places  in Vilnius, since we find restaurants from all  our origins (tree Portugueses, one French and one Belgian) we decided let’s try each one of these cousins.

Portuguese Cuisine
First, we tried the Portuguese one, and…not proud. The truth is that the restaurant was really cozy but the food was not that great. We asked two very traditional dishes in Portugal: the “Caldo Verde” and the “Pataniscas de Bacalhau” and let me tell you that it wasn’t even close to what we have back in Portugal. And then we have sausages, skewered pork and a hamburger. The rest of the dishes were ok but mine and Musas were the ones that had the lack of flavor and  just not that good.

Let’s see: the name of the Restaurant is “Galo do Porto”, Galo means cock (the animal guys, the animal) and Porto is the second most known city in Portugal. But so far so good, the only mistake they did was to put a typical cock from another completely different city (Barcelos) in Portugal. The cock they put is the known Galo de Barcelos. And then to add to everything the waitress was so rude, we get it everyone has the right to have a bad day, but we had the feeling that she was looking at us like we have no money to pay just because we were students. Evaluating from everything from 0 to 10: 4 for the effort.


France Cuisine
This one is called “Café Montmartre” and we went there two times, so from that you can tell that it’s already good. That’s not much to say about it, it’s very cozy and yes you will definitely find some french people there. It’s right next to the Town Hall. Here are some photos of what we had and let me tell you that yes taste as good as it looks 🙂 so we give it a 8/10.

Belgian Cuisine

This was the last one we tried. It’s not exactly at the center, but it’s close to the central bus station (10 min walk). We got there at 18:30 and the kitchen closes at 19h on Sundays, so we had to ask very fast and lets say there was no dessert for us. We asked pasta, traditional sandwich, mussels and bread with tomato. For this one: 7/10. Take a look at the photos.




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