Ice Hockey, lets support Latvia

Ice Hockey is not a sport that we’re used to watch at all, but we decided since we’re in Riga we should watch one match. Let me tell you something, it was definitely a great experience, being in a ring that you kind of don’t know the rules and you don’t have any idea what the claque is saying or singing.
The games are disputed in the Arena Riga – Skanstes street 21, Riga – and from the Old Town you can catch the bus 24 on the Merķeļa iela and it leaves you at the door of the Arena. Or catch the 11 Tram at the Dzirnavu iela and walk always in front in the Mālpils iela for 10 min.
The match we saw was between Latvia and Belorus, and it was pretty intense. The doors usually open at 18:30 and the game starts at 19:00h. The prices go from 10€ to 7€, but if you have student card you get the ticket half price, so in the end we just paid 3,50€, pretty cheap ah?!. There are 3 parts of 20 minutes each, with a break of 15 minutes.

If you ever come to Latvia try to watch a game 🙂 it’s worth it.
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2 thoughts on “Ice Hockey, lets support Latvia

  1. pedrol says:

    ora aqui está uma coisa que ainda não fiz mas, pela vossa descrição, farei com certeza 🙂 imagino que seja bastante ‘intenso’, principalmente um jogo da selecção eheh boa semana!!


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