Jurmala. Let’s go to the beach!

The summer finally arrived in Latvia, and the 20º degrees already makes you wanna go to the beach. The summer hit location is Jurmala, a nice city along the Latvian coast. In the winter not much happens there, but when the sun comes out and the summer pops, it gets super crowded.

How to travel to Jurmala: From Riga the best way if you don’t have a car it’s to go by train. It’s a 30-minute trip and the ticket price is 1,40€ (if you go by car after April 1st you have to pay 2€ fee). The only thing you have to do it’s to catch the train to Sloka and get out on Majori or in Dzintari.
If you get out in Dzintari there’s a really cool park just in front, it’s ideal if you have kids with you because there’s a bunch of things for the kids to play. And there is also a huge tower where you can go inside and take awesome panoramic photos on top.

If it’s already really really really hot, then you should go to Livu Akvaparks, an aquapark located in Jurmala (you just have to get how in Bulduri and walk for 5min).


In Majori you have a city fully ready for tourists, a lot of restaurants and little shops. There’s an ice-cream car every 50 meters.

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And of course, just enjoy the beach 🙂



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