A weekend in Ventspils

Hello again!

Do you remember  LatviaBeerFest and the friends we met there? Well, we met the most amazing girl and she invited us to her aunt’s hostel in Ventspils.
We thought it could be a good idea so, why not?
Friday we went out so on Saturday we were still tipsy when we realized we had to run to the Central Station to actually catch the bus to Ventspils. We packed our things and ran all the way until we get there. The bus takes around three hours (and it costs 7€ each trip) so we had time to sleep. It was no EcoLines Bus (like the ones we took to Tallinn or Vilnius) but it did good.

So Ventspils was a fishermen’s town for many years and you can still see some remainings of that. It’s a beautiful quite city, full of flowers and gorgeous colours each corner and it leaves you with that feeling that you can only get when you’re in the countryside.

By the time we got there, we went to the supermarket (to Rimi, which has pretty much the same prices as in Riga) and we arrived at the hostel.
Well, I could never explain how good it felt to be in such type of place. The decoration was sublime, the smell of the barbecue, the glance of a summer day (and night) and the most amazing food, all biological. I was, literally, in Heaven.
All the people we met were the nicest hosts we’ll ever know and so nice!

Here’s a glance of this MAGNIFICENT hostel called Kaptanu (yes, ay Captain!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, besides the hostel and the great hospitality that we received, the town was really pretty and it welcomed us at the most countryside spirit ever. The beach was the cleanest I’ve seen at Latvia so far and the water was (not that) cold.

Have a great weekend wherever you are,



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