A (cheap) guide to enjoy your sunday for less than 20€

Let me put it this way: It’s sunday and you feel lazy but the sun is shining and you actually have to get out of the house for some photosynthesis, right?

Step one: Grab your swimsuit, sunscreen and your beach towel and let’s get some tan!
Since we weren’t in the mood of going to far, we went to Kipsala Beach. We took the Bus Nº 13 and we got down right after the bridge. Yes, of course that this is not the mediterranean sea and it’s quite dirty but you can have a sun bath and a cold shower enjoying the wonderful view.

(Since we were exploring this for the first time, we went in the wrong bus and we had to walk almost 3 km’s to actually find the place but we ended up with this awesome view in between!)

Step two: We all need a cheap and comfort food dinner after this.
We were hungry for all the chilling in the beach so we went home, took a nice shower and we met in one of the most well served burgers in Latvia. It’s called BBurgers and it’s quite delicious.
BBurgers is located in the corner between Brivibas Bulvaris and Dzirnavu Iela, its quite hidden so you probably didn’t notice it before: it’s actually on a parking lot(?!).
The all menu was 5,90€ with drink, fries, burguer and dressing included. I was afraid to go into a burger shop since there’s usually not much veggie stuff but BBurguers actually have more than one veggie burger (which is amazing!!).
Besides being super tasty, super huge and super cheap, it was super pretty as well.

Look at this beauty:IMG_3594

Step three: Go enjoy the sunset before Monday comes!
After dinner, we were almost dying with our stomach full of love but the sun was setting and we were wondering where could we see it fully. We asked around and turns out that on the rooftop of Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija there’s a bar called Skyline Bar from which you can see the all city. It’s located on Elizabetes Iela 55, on the 26th floor (yes, you read it well, it’s TWENTY SIX FLOORS ABOVE GROUND). If you’re afraid of heights or have sensitive ears, this bar isn’t for you.
We enter the hotel and then a panoramic view elevator took us to the 26th floor.
[On Thursday (21:00 – 00:00) entrance fee is 3€, on Friday and Saturday (18:00-02:00) entrance fee is 5€ and on Sunday (21:00 -00:00) the entrance fee is also 3€ but it’s open from Monday to Sunday (and it’s free from Monday to Wednesday)].
As we entered, we started to discover the most beautiful panoramic view in Latvia, even on the bathroom the view was amazing! We order cocktails (we were determined to start the week feeling like royalty) and we paid around 7€ for cocktail and 4€ for beer. The music was good and did I talked about the view?

Take a look:


Summing up, I spent 18,20€:
2,30€ for the bus to Kipsala (both trips);
5,90€ for the veggie burger;
3€ for the entrance fee;
7€ for the Cosmopolitan.

And I totally felt like a princess, how about you? What are you doing next Sunday?!

Feel free to write me if you have any tips, suggestions or if you liked the places!

A good sunday for you, wherever you are




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