Hello Westport, Ireland

I (MM) left Latvia a couple weeks ago and I decided to do another internship in the west side of Europe. Where exactly? Westport, Ireland.
Ireland always was on my list on contrary of Latvia, which I don’t regret nothing being there, I had amazing times there. But Westport is one more of those places that if it wasn’t for this internship…. I would probably never come here.

Westport is a town in County Mayo in Ireland. It is at the south-east corner of Clew Bay, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Ireland. And is County Mayo’s premier tourist destination. It’s beautiful and full of nice people, here take a look at some photos:


The Town Clock


St. Patrick Statue


Westport Bridge

Skate park1_NEW

Skate Park


Best 99 ice cream


The Quay

How to arrive in Westport

option 1 – Departure in Ireland West Airport
Step 1: Catch the bus at the airport to Westport
Price:8,55€ (adult or student)
Duration: 01:10h

option 2 – Departure in Dublin
Step 1: catch the bus from the airport to Dublin Heuston station
Price: 6€
Duration: 45 minutes
Step 2: catch the train to Westport (last stop)
Price: 28,49 (adult) or 27,00€ (student)
Duration: 03:10h

Extra info:

  • The famous “Best 99” ice cream hasn’t been 99 cents for a while. The one you see in the photo costs 1,50€ it’s really big and is actually the small size (I have to try the big one just to see the difference someday). You can actually buy this type of ice-cream almost everywhere here. This one is the big as cheapest one I’ve seen so far and it’s in a coffee shop with a purple sign in the St. Patricks round.
  • If you hate the rain DON’T come to Ireland because apparently is always raining. Ok, not always but it’s very usual. The temperatures go from 15º to 25º (in a good day).



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