Westport Starter Pack!

Let me give you a few tips about what we have here and where you can get some stuff around the town. Even though it’s a small town you can easy find almost everything you need here. It’s summer now so the town is super busy since this is one of the most visited places by tourists.

Groceries: You have a few places you can choose from. You have SuperValu, Tesco, EuroGiant, Mr.Banana and Lidl, the last one is the cheapest one and they have great promotions every day. I just bought 6 green apples for 0,39€. But they all have great promotions, but Tesco has also really cheap fruit and veggies but it’s a bit too far from the center for a person without a car.
If you are looking for house supplies for cleaning, washing or cooking you have two more stores: the 2€ store (which I really don’t get the name because more than half of the things are way more expensive) and the convenience shop, that actually has some pretty good prices.

Clothes: No there is no Primark/Pennys in here, which is sad (but you do have one in the closest town Castlebar). You have actually a lot of places to buy clothes, you have 2 Portwest shops and a Sports Shop, a lot of fancy lady clothes shops and the charity shops. For shoes, you have another 3 or 4.
Charity Shop: You have around 3 of them, you can buy a lot of things like clothes, books, house decoration, shoes, toys etc… They have really good stuff and most important: cheap! I bought a few weeks ago 2 classic books just for 1€ each.

Health: Don’t worry because the lack of places to buy medication doesn’t exist here. There is at least 5 pharmacies, two dentists, and one Vet. If you are an Erasmus student you get the first appointment for free in the dentist :). The pharmacies have a lot of good prices in shampoos and beauty things, sometimes cheaper than the supermarket.

Food: Of course there is a lot of places to eat, plenty of restaurants, two fast food restaurants if you looking you take away food Centra (Gas Station) is the best place to go or SuperValu (they have a connection to a coffee on the side which as plenty of food). You also have: 1 Kebab place, One Pizzaria, two or three Italian restaurants ( I went to Bela Vita and it is really good I must say, also to Antica Roma and it’s definitely not Italian, just another fast food place), two Chinese, and a lot of Irish restaurants.

Hope this will help you guys 🙂


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