When in Westport…stay in Shape, eat healthy :)

If you are wonder about you can get or stay in shape around here with all these ice cream places and tasty food…well, of course, you can.

If you are an outdoor runner there is a ton of places to run, people often go to the Greenway which starts near the Quay and crosses all town. I decided that wasn’t enough for me so I join the Ginassium, the Westport Leisure Park.

The Gym
It a big place and besides the gym, it has also a swimming pool and a health center. The upstairs room it’s the gym, which itself is not that big but it suits the needs. Then o the first-floor you have the pool which is really good and the health center which has a Steam Room, Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Plunge pool. After my training, I do all this and let me tell you makes you feel like new. They also have group classes, relaxing massages, therapeutic massage, tanning and from time to time they do some events too.
Check their site here and the facebook. For prices, well I got a pretty good one 99€ for 99 entries (only for students). But you can check the prices on facebook or website.

Eat Healthy
Well around here you don’t really get vegetarian restaurants if you are wondering but a lot of places have on their menu some vegetarian plates. Also in Tesco and SuperValu they have a really good section of healthy products and in the pharmacies, they sell a lot of products too, especially seeds and teas.  You also have one organic shop on the main street with various products.

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