Eat & sleep in Westport

If you’re not worried about spending money then Westport is ideal for you. The ideal time to come is during the summer, June, July, and August. So in those 3 months, the town is busy and full of tourists. There are a lot of activities to do every weekend and also during the week.

  • If you want to come just for vacations, you have tonnes and tonnes of B&B, airb&b houses, and guesthouses where you can stay. You also have some hotels and one hostel. But since it’s high season don’t expect to be cheap or available.
  • If you are looking for a longer stay you can always rent a room in a share house. Let me tell you is not easy to find one around here looking for the internet. But here are some websites you should check:,, myHome. You can also try to stay with a host family if there is anyone available- homestay.

If you stay in the closest town, Castlebar or Newport, you may have some problems with public transports.In Newport, there are only one or two departures a day to Westport, and a bit more in Castlebar. The ticket cost between 4€ and 6€, but you can check the prices, routes, and schedules here.

Do you like camping?
Well lucky you Westport was one.
Is located at the Westport House, one of the major attractions in Westport and one of the most beautiful ones too. More info.


And to eat?
Oh well, also tonnes and tonnes of places. You if want pizza you are fine because almost all restaurants have, especially the Italian ones.But check all of them here: TripAdvisor.
I will in the future make a post of all the ones I went with some photos 😉







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