Up we go, Croagh Patrick Mountain

If you are looking for a challenge and an amazing view of Irland than you have to climb the Holy mountain located in Murrisk, County Mayo Ireland with 764 meters (2,507 ft) – 12th highest mountain in Ireland. I climb it last weekend and let me tell you is not an easy thing to do, my legs are still in pain, but I guarantee you it’s super worth it. What I didn’t know is that last weekend was the Reek Sunday, the annual day of pilgrimage in Ireland. So with that said…..it was super crowded as you can imagine.

Here are some facts about Iris Holy Mountain Croagh Patrick, aka The Reek:
“The tradition of pilgrimage to this holy mountain stretches back over 5,000 years from the Stone Age to the present day without interruption. Its religious significance dates back to the time of the pagans when people are thought to have gathered here to celebrate the beginning of harvest season.  Croagh Patrick is renowned for its Patrician Pilgrimage in honor of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. It was on the summit of the mountain that Saint Patrick fasted for forty days in 441 AD and the custom has been faithfully handed down from generation to generation.”- croagh-patrick.com

It is 8 kilometers from Westport, above the villages of Murrisk and Lecanvey.

Parking: They have  car parks, around three, near the entrance. There’s no way you miss them because it’s everything in the same straight road. The prices don’t change from park to park, all of them have the same price of 5€ per day.

Stick: You probably wonder by now, if you are not a regular climber like me, why do you need one. It’s actually a great helper especially when you’re coming down. There are some guys selling (3€) and renting sticks (1,50€) down in the road. To rent you have to give 3€ and when you give it back you receive half. I did that, but when I finish the guy wasn’t there anymore and it was only 16p.m. I got a bit mad.

Food: Take a small backpack with a bottle of water and something light to eat or some chocolate bars, you gonna need the energy to climb. Take some money too, up there there’s a small tent selling sandwiches, chocolate bars, fruit, hot tea, refrigerants, juice, and water.

Clothes: Wear something comfortable, if you have something to protect you from the rain take it too, believe me you never know it can start raining anytime there. Also, it’s very important to take comfortable shoes. The path is all loose rocks so be careful always.

Weather: Well just try to go on a sunny day, without clouds. It was cloudy when I went and up there you don’t see a thing. But it was only cloudy on the top so half way I was still able to get an amazing view.

Toilets: Halfway and up there you have some toilets you can use so don’t worry about it.

That’s about it, what you need to know and what you will expect. The last important tip is DON’T FORGET THE CAMERA. You will definitely want to register the beautiful landscape that the mountain gives you. And finally, enjoy!!!!




St. Patrick Statue



View of the Clew Bay from the Summit – by A. Piechorowska

DSC02291 1






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