Go explore Clare Island…

This is another amazing place you should visit if you ever come to Westport or somewhere around. Clare Island is a mountainous island guarding the entrance to Clew Bay in County Mayo where less than 150 people live. If you are looking for a place to rest with an amazing beach, then this is the place. Check it out:

How to get there
From Westport you have nothing, there are no buses that way. At leat that’s what the site told us, so we decided to get a lift again. The destination is Roonagh Pier near Louisburgh.
Then you have to catch the ferry, from one of the two companies set there. A small tip? just go inside the first one you see, they will fight for you. The prices are exactly the same so don’t wonder, 15€ go and return, 12€ for students and you get also a map of the island.

I walked a lot but you can do it by bicycle or taxi, there is a bicycle rent shop and a taxi company. You have places to sleep and eat if you like, check some useful websites: clareisland.info, goexplorehostel.ie and clareisland.ie. Just don’t get scared if you cross some sheep or horses, they’re used to people as long as you don’t mess with them you’re fine.

You can also do a lot of activities like surf, football (yes they have a field), horse riding, yoga, coasteering, raft building, snorkelling and much more.

It’s a perfect place to spend a good sunny afternoon 🙂




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