What to see in Westport

If you are visiting and you don’t know what to see, this might help you a little big . Here are the top places you need to check out if you ever visit Westport in Ireland!

In Town
#1 -The local church – Holy Trinity Church Of Ireland
It’s free for charge and it’s quite nice, check it out it only takes a few minutes. And from time to time they have some exhibitions.

Holy Trinity Church Of Ireland

Holy Trinity Church of Ireland

#2 -Westport bridge – continue walk towards the center and take some photos on the bridge. It’s beautiful when the sun hits and you can see the colors from the flowers perfectly.

Doris Brothers Brigde

Doris Brother’s Bridge

#4 -Westport House. If you don’t want to spend money don’t worry you can get in and see at least the gardens and the landscape. It’s really pretty and you can take great photos.

Westport house

Westport House

#5 – The Quay – perfect to spend the afternoon chilling, reading a book and play sports for a while.

The Quay

The Quay

#6 – The Greenway (& Skate Park)The Greenway (& Skate Park)
Go for a walk or even a run on the greenway has an amazing view of the forest

#7 – Pub’s
I don’t think I need to give you a reason to check the pubs. Once in Ireland…

#8 – Enrica’s Cafe, it’s a little cupcake shop in Westport. You can walk there from the town center, it’s a 30min walk. They have the best cupcakes ever and the staff is really nice. They are attached to a garden shop so it makes everything even more pretty and cozy. #Instagram

Just enjoy, there is not that much to see, so a couple of days in Westport will be enough for you to see everything 🙂 Of course check out the shops in town, especially the souvenir ones and the charity ones.

– Croagh Patrick – check out a previous post about it here.
– Clare Island – check out a previous post about it here.
– Castlebar – for 4€ catch the bus and check one of the closest towns.
– Achill Island – you have some companies that can take you there and you can comeback by bicycle trough the Greenway.



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