Vietnam here we go!

Yap, you read it right Vietnam is our next stop and we couldn’t be more exited. It all started when I decided to tell Musa, back when we were in Latvia, that I wanted to go to Vietnam. She asked why and I just simply show her some photos, and let’s say that her dad probably hates me right now for doing it because she fell in love for it and apparently she’s coming with me 😀

But first let me quickly tell you about the program that we are going to do. It’s part of the AIESEC program. Check it out and see what the organization does and maybe you will find it so interesting that you might join.

aiesec-new-logo1 “AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. We are a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.”

And what are we going to do? We are going to teach English to kids and some grown-ups in an English school. And also during the week we are going to do some volunteering work in public schools also teaching.  The work we are going to do is paid, we want to leave that clear. Otherwise, we couldn’t afford this trip and stay there. Not all the programs are paid, but you can check all that on their website.

Luckily we both manage to stay in the same place, which we can’t even believe it yet because it’s really not that common for one school to ask for two persons from the same country and starting almost at the same time. So we are incredibly thankful to the organization and the school for this. And what’s that amazing place? Just here (enter jealous feelings now)… It’s Ha Long, a city 3h from the capital and it’s known for this bay which is considered to be one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature (2007–2011).


Ha Long Bay

So if you ever want to go to Vietnam let me prepare you for the cost. We spend a lot of money in the preparation of our journey. Check it out the list of things we had to do before going:

  • Passport – 65€ (1 week wait)
  • Pre-Traveler Appointment – 50€ (it’s recommended to go 1 month before travel)
  • Vaccines – Yellow fever: 20€ + Japanese Encephalitis: 87€ (we needed 2 doses so 174€ – be aware that you have to wait approx. 1 month between doses) + 3€ to pay the nurse to give us the shots.
  • The Prescription pills for the Malaria Prevention (Malarone)- 35€ a box with 12 pills (if you want to stay just in the city canter’s you don’t need it that much, but we are going to visit more parts of Vietnam and also some country’s around it so we need this). We ask for 3. Check this website to help you know what you need to worry about
  • More prescription pills and stuff– the doctor prescript us a few more pills and things that end up being around 30/40€
  • Health insurance– 180€, it covers 1 year and we purchase this together with the flight tickets in a travel agency
  • Flight Tickets– 995€, go and back, with Emirates
  • AIESEC contract– 220€, this is the amount you pay when you join AIESEC. You have to make a contract with them and this is the cost. You pay half when you join and the other half when you are accepted in a project.
  • Visa: The organization will help you with this, but in case they don’t be aware it takes about a week to get the Visa. And there is also the stamp fee you have to pay on arrival, which is about 45$ dollars. Also, don’t forget to take photos with you.

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