Cát Bà, the Vietnam Pearl

First of all, we’re sorry for being too absent. It’s been a while since we last wrote something. But now we’re back!

Let’s talk about this amazing place we found here in Ha Long – Cát Bà.

Cát Bà it’s one of the 1,960–2,000 islets islands of Ha Long Bay. To go there you need to catch a ferry or a boat. We catch the ferry in Tuân Châu and paid 70.000 Dongs (2,90€) each ticket. The journey there takes around one hour, but the time goes so fast because you get amazed by the beautiful landscape. There is also a little shop in the ferry where you can buy food. It was actually what we did the next day when we get back, we bought two shrimp instant noodles and water bottles for 1€ each.

We get there and catch the bus that took us to the center – it’s a 30 minute journey for 25,000 dongs. After we got to the center, we rent a motorbike for 150,000 for one day and a half we also refill the fuel deposit for 75,000 (but we realize later that half was more than enough).

We stayed in the LePont Bungalow Hostel, in a suite (360,000 dongs) with a view of the bay. Let me tell you…it was amazing and super worth it.

You can visit the whole island in two/three days. We only had one day and a half, but we visit the Hospital Cave, the Beach, the market, Monkey Island and we did some kayaking too.

Here are some pictures 🙂

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Here are some other cool links for you if you decide to visit this beautiful pearl
Woodstock HostelNational ParkCannon Fort, and if you have money to spend you should definitely do the boat tours. You have tons of offers, and you can do the boat trip with lunch, kayaking and snorkeling.

Also, if you need
Bus from Hanoi to Cát Bà: More information
Hotline: +84 914607571
Email: info@goodmorningcatba.com


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