Ghetto Games

Hi there!

So it was a really sunny Sunday and we had two crazy parties that weekend; as such, we needed to get our spirit alive again and what better than.. dancing? Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but this was no regular dance, no cha-cha-cha or bachatta. No, this was a hip-hop competition that makes you feel like a kid again, wanting to go dance and join that team and feel like Channing Tatum at Step Up! (okay, maybe not that much. I really get carry away with this)

We went to the Ghetto Games.

Ghetto dates back to the global economic crisis at the lowest point ,
one of Riga’s socially disadvantaged districts – Grizinkalns .
Grizinkalns has historically been the working people and street children’s area, where citizens gathered in a number of revolutionary events.
During the crisis, they stopped in many areas and sources of income,
which was a good reason to start doing things that we love.
It was a time when oppressed minds were able to save the sport – a democratic sport that does not require large funds : street basketball, street gymnastics, street dance, football and others.
During this time, noble purpose and sponsors usually did not meet.
Grizinkalns kid’s ran with black mouths , across the street stood the street daughter’s and district full of drinkers. Real ghetto.
It also came to our name, our only degrade Ghetto – our Ghetto brings!
Grizinkalns to become the sportiest district in Riga!
In “WTF Is Ghetto” (Latvian – English translation by Google Translate [sorry for that!])

According to the “story” of the Ghetto Games, this place become a center of inspiration to do what you love no matter what’s going on around you. A place where you can build your dreams and become whoever you want, working hard and pushing yourself to every limit. Inspiring, right? That’s how you feel there. The walls are full of inspirational quotes and designs that will make you become better and better at whatever it is that you want to follow.

You have all kinds of events there and I can assure you it’s gonna be fun. You can also eat there (Ghetto Burger) and even if there’s no events at all, grab that adventurous spirit of yours and go do something, for real. You have basketball fields, football, and a few more things. But hey, I really wish you can discover this by yourself so I’ll leave you with this gallery of my first time at the Ghetto Games:

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