A weekend in Ventspils

Hello again!

Do you remember  LatviaBeerFest and the friends we met there? Well, we met the most amazing girl and she invited us to her aunt’s hostel in Ventspils.
We thought it could be a good idea so, why not?
Friday we went out so on Saturday we were still tipsy when we realized we had to run to the Central Station to actually catch the bus to Ventspils. We packed our things and ran all the way until we get there. The bus takes around three hours (and it costs 7€ each trip) so we had time to sleep. It was no EcoLines Bus (like the ones we took to Tallinn or Vilnius) but it did good.

So Ventspils was a fishermen’s town for many years and you can still see some remainings of that. It’s a beautiful quite city, full of flowers and gorgeous colours each corner and it leaves you with that feeling that you can only get when you’re in the countryside.

By the time we got there, we went to the supermarket (to Rimi, which has pretty much the same prices as in Riga) and we arrived at the hostel.
Well, I could never explain how good it felt to be in such type of place. The decoration was sublime, the smell of the barbecue, the glance of a summer day (and night) and the most amazing food, all biological. I was, literally, in Heaven.
All the people we met were the nicest hosts we’ll ever know and so nice!

Here’s a glance of this MAGNIFICENT hostel called Kaptanu (yes, ay Captain!)

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Well, besides the hostel and the great hospitality that we received, the town was really pretty and it welcomed us at the most countryside spirit ever. The beach was the cleanest I’ve seen at Latvia so far and the water was (not that) cold.

Have a great weekend wherever you are,




Since MM left Riga and flew to Westport, the blog has been more calm and quiet but you might as well expect more posts from now on both Latvia and Westport information.

Now the real thing: Latvia is pretty known by all the breweries and having a lot of variety concerning to one of our greatest loves – beer!

From May 26th until 29th in the Vermanes Garden we’ll have the greatest beer fest in the Baltics. Here you’ll have all sorts of beers that you can find in Latvia and each brand will have it’s own stand (we lost it when we saw Valmiermiuza one). The entrance fee is 2€ and if you’re in the center of Riga, it’s easy to get there. There are four entrances for the garden but the biggest ones would probably be the ones in Krisjana Barona Iela.
You’ll be able to see some concerts, chill in the lounges or just enjoy the sun in the grass while having a beer. The beer fest opens at 11 A.M. and it stays open until 1 A.M.
There are some warnings: you’ll have to pay entrance fee each day and you cannot smoke in all areas. The food is cheap (you can find Hot Dogs for 1,50€) and the beer is cheaper than it usually is. There is no “veggie friendly” place but you can get some snacks like the roasted potato in a stick (it does sound weird but it’s delicious)! In some stands, they’ll give you little latvian snacks to eat while you enjoy your beer.

For us the experience was crazy, we met some latvian people and it turned out to be really fun. After the LatviaBeerFest we went to the old town and we discover this new place with cheap cocktails but we’ll post it eventually.

There it goes some pictures of the LatviaBeerFest 2015 (the beer made it look blurry eheh):

And here you can find more information about this and some good pictures!


Jurmala. Let’s go to the beach!

The summer finally arrived in Latvia, and the 20º degrees already makes you wanna go to the beach. The summer hit location is Jurmala, a nice city along the Latvian coast. In the winter not much happens there, but when the sun comes out and the summer pops, it gets super crowded.

How to travel to Jurmala: From Riga the best way if you don’t have a car it’s to go by train. It’s a 30-minute trip and the ticket price is 1,40€ (if you go by car after April 1st you have to pay 2€ fee). The only thing you have to do it’s to catch the train to Sloka and get out on Majori or in Dzintari.
If you get out in Dzintari there’s a really cool park just in front, it’s ideal if you have kids with you because there’s a bunch of things for the kids to play. And there is also a huge tower where you can go inside and take awesome panoramic photos on top.

If it’s already really really really hot, then you should go to Livu Akvaparks, an aquapark located in Jurmala (you just have to get how in Bulduri and walk for 5min).


In Majori you have a city fully ready for tourists, a lot of restaurants and little shops. There’s an ice-cream car every 50 meters.

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And of course, just enjoy the beach 🙂


A new Bookaholic in Town


First of all I think the correct way of saying is bibliomania with means – a symptom of obsessive–compulsive disorder which involves the collecting or even hoarding of books to the point where social relations or health are damaged. So I guess a Bookaholic is more just the symptom of buying books compulsively.
I guess you wonder why all of these, well its simple, the truth is that we just found a really, really, really cheap bookstore in Riga. But when I say cheap I mean books under 3,19€, yap you read it just right.
The bookstore is an outlet bookstore and it’s called Zvaigznes ABC. The shop is located on the Valnu iela 19. You can also buy souvenirs like magnets for cheaper prices than usual around here. But is not just any books, the cheap ones are the classics, which is perfect right?! We got: Tolstoy (Anna Karenina), Sun Tzu (The Art of War), F.S.Fitzgerald (The Beautiful and the Damned), George Orwell (1984), and many others.
So how about go buy a book for next week reading? 🙂